Ricardo and Larissa @ Race Brook Lodge

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These pictures meant a lot to me because of the bride and groom involved are going to be lifelong friends. I have a special bond with Ricardo; we grew into manhood together in the many times we spent exploring Brooklyn, the East Village, and Florida. Our lives have intersected and reversed several times, and I am proud to consider him a brother.

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Ricardo and Larissa first met face to face in my living room in West LA. First meeting Larissa I was struck not only by how beautiful she is, but her quiet comforting voice and considerable intellect. I remember telling Rico – Hermano, do not to let this one go. He didn’t.

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Weddings are tough work photographically speaking. There usually isn’t the chance to walk around with a light meter. The light is constantly changing and the setting goes from indoors to outdoor routinely. I try to get the shot and do what I can to fix it later.

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I took about 5 weeks editing these pictures a little at a time, displaying them on 3 separately calibrated screens to check how the colors would display. Race Brook Lodge is in the Berkshires, and one of the most breathtaking backdrops for a wedding I’ve shot.

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This was a truly Puerto Rican wedding, something I say with great love and endearment to the bride and groom. There was dancing, food, heavy accents, loud talk, kindness, great conversation, and perceptible joy.

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In the days before the wedding family members were put to work decorating and organizing, much of the pieces were made by hand (Larissa collected and made things months in advance).

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I wanted the pictures to feel as natural as possible to mirror the sentiments, as well as convey the joy that Larissa and Ricardo both have in finding and loving each other. I also wanted to highlight a bit of the magic that was nearly everywhere in the ancient woods of Race brook Lodge, the setting for their special day.

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Can’t say how happy that Ricardo and Larissa hired red clay to do their wedding photography, something we don’t do enough of. Congratulations to you both!

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Of the 1200 pictures that I ended up with, here are a few of my favorites.

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