Listening Parties at Warner Brothers Records

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Last May we did a really fun wedding with a couple that allowed us to go out all out on the drink design and bar setup. That caught the eye of the VP Artist Development & Tour Marketing at Warner Brothers Records who asked us to do a series of listening parties for some upcoming artists.

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We setup in the main lobby and took over the welcome desk with our typical over the top fruit display. One of the parties was for Niles Rodgers, who recently won a grammy for producing Daft Punk’s latest album, Random Access Memories. Niles had great stories to tell about Studio 54, Paris, and producing music for all sorts of artists.

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Being avid fans of one of the greatest forms of music ever conceptualized in Disco, we were elated to create cocktails based upon the hits produced by Niles and his band Chic. We were even treated to a live performance of such classics as well as a bit of music history.

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Cocktails for Niles were to be disco / fantastic and we didn’t wish to disappoint. One thing we wanted to do was a cocktail from the era, and we decided upon a Harvey Wallbanger. We infused lemongrass into the vodka and added gold nugget tangerine juice for more depth of flavor. Of course we named this cocktail, “Le Freak Of The Week” – Chopin Potato Vodka, Galliano, Tangerine Juice, Lemongrass. Continue reading