Cady and Page @ SaddleRock

cady (3 of 8)Cady and Page decided to name all of their cocktails after Keanu Reeves movies which we naturally thought was a fantastic idea. This wedding was featured on the popular blog Green Wedding Shoes.

The ‘Feeling California’ utilized one of our favorite small batch Gins in St. George Terroir. It’s grassy and clean – especially good for people that don’t like Gin. We used a cinnamon tincture as well as three kinds of seasonal grapefruit juices to make this cocktail tart and delicious.

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The ‘Point Break’ featured a Lapsang Souchong infused rhum agricole, yuzu marmalade, cynar, and lemon juice, topped off with a laphroaig mist. Variations on the Penicillin cocktail are fast becoming one of our most popular drinks. 

The ‘Excellent Adventure’ was a rich and satisfying drink with Milagro tequila, Meyer Lemon Juice, and a Turkish Fig and Cardamom compote, topped with Pedro Ximenez Sherry, all layered in delicious proportions.

Dry Farmed Apples, Pineapple Guavas, Ginger, and local Passionfruits among the fruit we used

Dry Farmed Apples, Pineapple Guavas, Ginger, and local Passionfruits among the fruit we used

We used the wines produced from the vines behind us, with the addition of NV Prosecco from Sorelle Bronca – we always recommend Italian wines for toasts and tasting at weddings for their cost advantages and ubiquity.

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We were glad Cady decided to add a non-alcoholic pre ceremony bar because this afternoon was a scorcher, but when the sun went down everything became magical. We did some fresh citrus juices with infused hard herbs to cool things down a bit, the option vodka was used more often than not.

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In addition, we got a chance to show off our separate Coffee and Tea Service featuring a separate pour over station adjacent to the main bar.

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On the station we included locally roasted Stumptown beans from Holler Mountain we hand ground and brewed on the spot. As the sun set over the mountains and the night air turned chilly, the smell of fresh ground coffee quickly made thirsty coffee drinks out of nearly everyone. In addition we selected oolong and green teas from our purveyors in the San Gabriel Valley. Naturally we had to include imported Japanese snacks. Quite a few attendees mentioned it was the best coffee and tea they had ever tasted.

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