Cady and Page @ SaddleRock

cady (3 of 8)Cady and Page decided to name all of their cocktails after Keanu Reeves movies which we naturally thought was a fantastic idea. This wedding was featured on the popular blog Green Wedding Shoes.

The ‘Feeling California’ utilized one of our favorite small batch Gins in St. George Terroir. It’s grassy and clean – especially good for people that don’t like Gin. We used a cinnamon tincture as well as three kinds of seasonal grapefruit juices to make this cocktail tart and delicious.

cady (6 of 8)

The ‘Point Break’ featured a Lapsang Souchong infused rhum agricole, yuzu marmalade, cynar, and lemon juice, topped off with a laphroaig mist. Variations on the Penicillin cocktail are fast becoming one of our most popular drinks.  Continue reading