An Afternoon Party in Malibu

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We were delighted to show off our Non Alcoholic cocktails at a beach house in Malibu this summer. While we are always happy to create cocktails given direction, our best work always comes from when we are trusted to interpret the season through our drinks, as was the case this afternoon. We were told, “Oh just make whatever you like, I’m sure the drinks will be great.”

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This Summer meant Persian Mulberries and limes, Meyer Lemons, Ginger, and fresh Lavender from Santa Ynez. We found some beautiful purple Amaranth leaves to blanket the table. 

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The event was a small dinner for a close group of Doctors who had decided after numerous years of serving their community to sell their practice. Naturally working with a group so health conscious we wanted to do drinks to reflect a feeling of clean, refreshing, and delicious. We did a 36 hour cold brew with some organic tea sourced from our Tea Sommelier at Wing Hop Fung in the San Gabriel Valley. We decided on a blend of Quya Royal Jasmine from Fuijan, China. The richness of the leaves added a nice body to the drink, along with the mild citrus of a large meyer lemon slice. We also did a Mulberry soda with Red Rainier cherry / chili syrup, finished with lime zest. For dinner, we did a fresh Watermelon and Ginger cocktail, with Spearmint from Maggie’s Farm

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Often times clients will come to us upon referral and we are tasked with finding all the pieces to make an event run perfectly. We cannot say enough how essential it is to have a planner involved in the process from start to finish. Wishing, as we always do to keep this event in the fold of the great city of Brentwood where we are based, we reached out to Cassandra, of Casandra Santor and Co, one of the most organized and elegant people we know (also the planner at Steve & Leslie’s Wedding)

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With Cassandra’s team creating the rustic beach feel through her table design, setting, and attention to detail we also brought in one of our Chef’s to provide a light fare for the sunset over the Malibu Beach. There aren’t any pictures of the delicious food, as it was promptly devoured by our sunsoaked guests upon their return to the sun deck.

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