Steve and Leslie @ Stone Manor – Malibu

I love working with clients that I really like as people, with great energy – folks that will remain lifelong friends.

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Steve and Leslie were aware that they were going to have some guests from Italy, and so they were open to trying Italian wine. I am always overjoyed when I get the chance to work with some of my contacts in the Italian wine world to bring some really unique and delicious wines to the table. Italian wines are very drinkable, affordable, and give us the opportunity to think outside the traditional wedding wine box of Chardonnay and Sauvignon blanc.

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We were happy to provide some education to the wedding party during the event about the selections that Steve and Leslie went with. They day was warm with a good breeze, it could not have been more perfect.

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Il Borghetto Montigiano, a wine made from Sangiovese and crafted in the classic style ( as well as bottled in the non traditional Burgundy shaped bottle) fermented in open topped cement tanks. This wine was a great option for Pinot Noir drinkers as the wine retains all the freshness and essence of the fruit.

The second red was Marchione Montepulciano d’Abruzzo ( A varietal near to my heart after my recent trip to Abruzzo ) coming  from Abruzzo, one of Italy’s most mountainous regions with the Apennine peaks reaching up to 9000 feet above sea level.

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Lastly, we went with a Weissburgunder ( Pinot Bianco) from Santa Magdalena, a hand harvested beauty from Bolzano, in Alto Adige. This wine carried all the way through with apples and citrus on the nose, as well as great body and acidity.

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Steve had some great comments about the wines we selected:

“Pinot Bianco – We love this too!  Interesting, floral but not too much.  Acidic and balanced enough to stand alone without food.  Great before, during and after.  Lots going on.  YES PLEASE!


Marchionne Montepulciano – Big badda boom!  We love it!  Lots going on.  Stinky barnyard dirt!  Still very drinkable and a we like that it will be a challenge to some who might be used to other reds.  For sure this is also a YES PLEASE!”


As for the cocktails – Moro Blood Oranges are looking fantastic right now, I am starting to the think they are getting close to a year round fruit. Blood Orange Margaritas with Milagro Tequila and Persian Limes.


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In addition we did a Chopin Potato Vodka Gimlet with Maggie’s Mint, a curiously strong spearmint varietal growing by Maggie’s Farm in Agoura Hills.

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Jill from DomaineLA worked with us to select a fantastic alternative to Champagne in the Sorelle Bronca Valdobbiadene Prosecco which was a hit all afternoon and well into the evening.

Sometimes we go a little crazy with the fruit display and this wedding was no exception. Our philosophy is to make all the ingredients necessary to create whatever drink the guest desires up front and visual.

Cassandra & Co. Weddings orchestrated this event beautifully, and their team was fantastic. Cassandra is one of the most detail oriented planners I have ever worked with; from start to finish her communication and professionalism were exemplary. We were impressed by the great deal of effort she placed in making a timeline for the event that enabled every vendor to work seamlessly together. 

The flowers on the bar really complemented the fruit extremely well – the credit for the floral work here was done by Lilla Bello. It was truly fantastic in it’s depth of color and variety.

Whoa Nelly provided the food for this special day, we adore them and their cuisine. I have always been a believer in how you feed your staff reflects on the quality you put into everything else that you do, my two heaping plates of food is a testament to their style and care.

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Special thanks to the Italian Wine Geek for her assistance in sourcing some fantastic wines, Chopin Vodka for their continued support, and best wishes and congratulations to Steve and Leslie!

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