Sparkling Pear Soda(from kevinEats)

Roasted Bosc Pears, Spices, Vanilla, Soda

KevinEats was cool enough to mention me on his review of the Amalur Project. Kevin eats his way through life in a way that I can only dream about, and he writes about it with amazing accuracy and attention. I usually review his reviews immediately when I hear about them. I love to recall our last encounter at LudoBites 8, where he and I discovered a mutual affinity for copious amounts of Pernod.

I was really proud on this project to be able to use some of my dishware that i’ve used in some other collaborations and popups.

My drinks were also featured on the wedding blog Ruffled.

Kenya and Joshua at The Marvimon

I’ve done several events at this venue now, located just past Chinatown on the eastern side of Downtown LA. Great experience. The Marvimon House is popular, and serves primarily as an event and special occasion space.

Cool view from across the street

One of the best things about this place is that it has GREAT parking. Right on the street.

Unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to take many pictures of the place as the event, as we had some libations to make. 

The drinks here were not of my own design, but rather things that the bride and groom selected. Naturally I did my best to execute them over the course of the evening.

The bar has plenty of space, as well as a sink behind it, which helps immensely when one is making countless pear margaritas after mojitos after daiquiris.

I was lucky to work with a pair of Angels on this endeavour, as it was a large event. Luckily I live in the city of them.